Some Details

How We Work

It starts with a phone call or an e-mail. We offer one-on-one personalized service that our customers tell us is a main reason they keep coming back. If you are a seasoned gun owner and know exactly what you want, call us or e-mail the make and model information for just about any legal firearm or firearm accessory and we will provide you with a quote in short order. New to gun ownership or somewhere in between? Give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will help you identify the best firearm for your intended needs. There is a wide range of firearms available today with an equally wide range in prices. We can help you select the firearm that will best suit your needs and fit your budget. Customer service is what we do. Many folks find walking into a gun store an uncomfortable and even intimidating experience. You will not find that kind of atmosphere at Minuteman Firearms. We are friendly, family oriented folks who enjoy talking about guns. We know who our customer is and we never forget it. If you are someone who is interested in gun ownership for the first time or someone who owns many guns, you will receive respect at all times. That's how we roll.​ We look forward to hearing from you. We have many satisfied customers throughout Southern California. A great deal of our business is from referrals...the greatest complement a business can receive. We would love the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best products and personalized service in the retail firearms industry. Give us a call and find out for yourself! 

Services We Provide

NRA Recruiter

Minuteman Firearms is a proud member of the NRA recruiter program. The most important item that we offer in our product line is a membership to the National Rifle Association. The NRA fights for our 2nd Amendment rights 24/7 throughout the nation's capital and all 50 states. Please take a moment to click the 'NRA RECRUITER' link above to join. The normal NRA annual membership fee is $40.00. However, you will receive a $10.00 discount on your first year's membership by joining through Minuteman Firearms. Everyone is strapped for cash these days...this just may be the most important $30.00 you will ever spend!

Firearms and Accessories

Minuteman Firearms specializes in personal and home defense firearms and accessories. This includes concealed carry firearms and accessories. We offer aggressive, discount pricing on any firearm that can be legally owned in the State of California. We carry products from Sig Sauer, Heckler & Koch, GLOCK, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Kimber, Savage, Mossberg, Remington, Beretta, Springfield, Stag Arms, Winchester, and many many more. Seasoned firearm owners need only call us with their selected firearm and we will provide a quotation in short order. If you are new to firearm ownership or just thinking about becoming an owner, give us a call. We can provide you with thoughts and ideas that will help you select the firearm that best meets your needs. Once you have zeroed in on the right firearm, we can quote you a price and deliver the firearm to you as quickly as the law allows. Look to us as your personal consultant. We make the firearm selection and purchase process very easy.

Out-of-State or In-State Firearm Transfers

If you are interested in purchasing a firearm from a dealer that is located outside the State of California, federal law requires that the firearm be shipped to a federally licensed firearms dealer (called an FFL, or Federal Firearms Licensee). If you are purchasing a firearm from a dealer that is located in California and you do not wish to travel to their location in order to complete the transfer (see Private Party Transfers below), California law requires that the firearm be shipped to a California-based federally licensed firearms dealer that is convenient to your home. Once you have negotiated the purchase of your firearm with the selling dealer, we can receive the firearm for you in accordance with both State and Federal law. We will then step you through the necessary Federal and State paperwork and deliver the firearm to you once the State-required 10 day waiting period has expired. Our dealer fee for this type of transfer is $65.00. In addition, it is necessary for us to collect $25.00 for the required background check (also known as the Dealer Record of Sale or DROS), and if necessary, $25.00 for testing and issuance of a Firearm Safety Certificate. California law also requires that we collect state sales tax on an out-of-state seller's invoice. If the firearm does not include a California DOJ-approved gun lock, we will provide you with the necessary information to insure both federal and state law is satisfied. We can handle all of these details for you in a very efficient and straight forward manner. It sounds complicated...but we make it simple for you. 

Private Party Firearm Transfers

If you wish to sell or buy a firearm to or from a private party (i.e. a friend or neighbor - not a licensed dealer) who resides near you in California, the law generally requires that you conduct the transfer of the firearm though a licensed firearms dealer. The process, called a private party transfer,  is straight forward and we can help you every step of the way. Both parties need to present themselves to us at the same time in order that we may complete the required paperwork and checks. The fees for this type of transfer are controlled by the State of California and are as follows: For all private party transfers, the dealer fee for the first firearm is $10.00, plus the standard $25.00 fee for the Dealer Record of Sale background check (DROS). Second and subsequent firearms handled during the same transfer session are $10.00 each with no additional DROS fee. In all PPT transactions, the buyer must posses a valid Firearm Safety Certificate. We can test and issue the FSC for an additional fee of $25.00 if needed. No sales tax will be collected, however a gun lock must be a part of the transfer as described in the section above.

Firearm Safety Certificates (FSC)

The State of California generally requires that the purchaser of any firearm (handgun or long gun) posses a valid Firearm Safety Certificate or FSC. We can provide the necessary materials and services to prepare you, test your firearm safety knowledge, and issue your FSC as part of the firearm purchase process. The certificates are valid for 5 years and cost $25.00. You must have a valid FSC in your possession at the time you purchase your firearm. Note that exemptions to the FSC requirement do exist. Call us and we can help you determine if any of the exemptions apply to you. 

NRA Certified Pistol and Firearms Safety Training

We have an NRA Certified Instructor on staff qualified to teach the NRA Pistol and Home Firearms Safety courses. These courses will be offered from time to time and the schedule will be posted on the web site and e-mailed to all customers on our customer list.

For handgun purchases, 1 hour of pistol familiarization at our local indoor shooting range can be added for an additional $65.00. This familiarization covers basic shooting technique using your newly acquired handgun. We will instruct you on stance, grip, sight alignment, sight picture, and trigger press with constant attention to firearm safety. It is a worthwhile introduction for the new firearms owner, and a great brush-up for the veteran. When it comes to firearms, you can never get too much training. We think you will be pleased with the quality of our training! Range fees and ammunition additional.